High Density Polyethylene Pipe – Bundling & Segmenting

  • Segmented (chambered) reels are available in any color and any put up on request
  • Also available are bundled reels – two or more colors placed together on a reel to enable pulling as a bundle of colors
  • Available in any SDR or Schedule

High Special Packaging for Large Wooden Reels

We want to ensure that your Eastern Wire + Conduit product is received in the same high quality condition that it left our plant.

For this reason, all of our large reels are braced on skids to allow safe handling avoiding damage. We realize that these reels can travel great
distances and be shuttled from carrier to carrier.

We take the extra packaging steps in an effort to protect your product by securing the reel to the pallet and leaving a sufficient space between the product and the end of the reels flange.