When receiving shipments of these products at the job site, the contractor or purchaser should exercise established precautions. Each shipment should be inspected and inventoried with care upon arrival.

The product was inspected and loaded with care at our factory using methods acceptable to the carrier. It is the carrier’s responsibility to deliver the shipment in good condition, and it is the receiver’s responsibility to ensure that there is no loss or damage.


The means by which these products are unloaded in the field is the decision and the responsibility of the receiver. The following recommendations should be followed:

  1. Remove restraints from the reels. These may be straps, ropes or chains with padding.
  2. Using a forklift (or front end loader equipped with forks), remove the reels one at a time from the truck.
  3. During the removal and handling, ensure that the reels do not make impact with other objects, especially in cold weather.
  4. Place reels on level ground.
  5. Do not unload reels by hand. Care should be taken to ensure reels are not dropped or damaged.


The following procedures are recommended to prevent damage to your product:

  1. Store on original reels.
  2. Do not stack large reels.
  3. When small reels are stacked, ensure that the weight of upper reel does not cause deformation to the lower reel.
  4. Protect interior and sealing surfaces from dirt and foreign matter.
  5. If you anticipate storing outside under intense sunlight for over one year, we advise you cover it with canvas or other opaque material, being sure to leave adequate air circulation.
  6. Protect-N-Duct™ Plenum and Riser should never be stored outdoors and/or below (0C) or 32 F.


The following procedures are recommended:

  1. When using mechanical equipment, exercise care to prevent damage to pipe.
  2. Lower carefully from trucks and into trenches. Do not drop.
  3. In freezing temperatures, use caution to prevent impact damage. Handling methods considered acceptable for warm weather are unacceptable during very cold weather. As the temperature approaches and drops below freezing, the flexibility and impact resistance of HDPE is reduced. Extra care should be used.
  4. Extreme care should be used if Protect-N-Duct™ is handled or installed in temperatures below 0°C (32°F).